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Check my Carrd for commission info and other places you can find me!

I can finally post my ttrpg character ive been keeping in a box for a few weeks because she finally debuted last night, so have Tetra who is an experiment obsessed alchemist and poison specialist with a twisted sense of humor and permanent sleepy bitch disease.

Been Thinking about girls in towels

Patreon reward for Paracelsus who's handle I forget right now but featuring V and Xan /sob

Commission for Slyan


Character redesign for pleasantlyhauntedbird

cute pink redpanda/fox gorl uwu

sketchpage Commission for PleasantlyHauntedBird feat. boys

Patreon reward for ClockworkRhapsody

I'm wuv Anri

More chibi sona images for livestream elements weeee

Here is my yearly fanart because I have been watching Slayers and everything is better with catgirls thank u.

Commission for @3DPrintingFox !! Had a good time experimenting with textures on the backround for this one!

Little chibi of my sona I'm using over on my twitch stream when I do games!

Commission for @Slyan132 of some siblings and their dog after a long day.

If yall didn’t know, I was out of power for 2 weeks following a sudden record breaking Ice storm in my area. I was able to stay somewhere with power for the duration but I didn’t have my equipment so I was banished to no drawing. Have a finalized design of this new girl, Robin.

Patreon upgrade for Slyan132 @ Twitter I'm very pleased with. Featuring Genshin cosplay o/

Patreon vote image this month featuring Halloween-themed Ember and Cole and some experimental back/foreground things!

Sleepy Sheepies for Slyan132 o/

Really love this design/character and how this came out so this Patreon for @Sweetochii gets its own post.

Another design commission for PleasantlyHauntedBird

Really love how this guy came out.

Commission for pleasantlyhauntedbird of some cuddly gorls in their chill mountainous home.

Commission for Salmir who wanted to rescue a character in distress so I offered my frequently distressed Veronica.

Monster calico design for PleasantlyHauntedBird

Ref commission I finished for Slink on discord last month! DnD kobald dragon dude